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Cast of Characters


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Peacekeeper logo designed Carl Braun!

Cast of Characters


The Peacekeeper is a fully functional mechanized armored battlesuit equipped with two multi-functional projectile launchers which also serve as housing for electrocords which are used to detain an enemy for interrogation and other useful reasons. The Peacekeeper suit also provides short range flight and high impact protection. The Peacekeeper mission because of his strong beliefs about righteousness, is a simple one, to protect those that would be done unnecessary harm by any evil person or force, and to destroy those that would let or cause harm to anyone or more beings. To some the Peacekeeper is considered a mythical being and to others a legend.

Kerry Deltas

Kerry Deltas- A demanding but brilliant bio-engineer specializing in mechanized body attachments and armor. Her willingness to help those less fortunate than herself makes her a perfect friend when in need of assistance, but her knowledge of bio-engineering makes her a very wanted person by several Mainsorces Industries rival associations

Paul Carrigan- had managed to build an empire off the suffering and delusions of others. Mainsource Industries, Carrigan's brainchild, initially catered to the massive, semi-savage cults of computer worshipping Technomancers that ruled the sterile Wasteland between cities. Their lust of bio-engineered weapons and high tech machinery to incorporate into their magic rituals; brought Mainsource from a small bootleg operation, to a monolith, dominating the industry.

Nathan Speirs- After several decorated years as head of security at Mainsource, Speirs takes a liking to the Chief of Engineering Dr.Kerry Deltas. An unexpected turn of events promps Nathan to come to the rescue of the beautiful and brilliant Dr.Deltas which in doing so changes his life forever.