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History and Biography of the Planet Earth


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Earth 3114 a.d.

CIRCA: 3114

Once upon a millennium, Earth slipped quietly into the night. Twenty-seven years of interstellar warfare had left this once thriving planet a breathing hull of its former self. When the dust did settle the casualties were staggering by any account: five billion dead; two billion enslaved; while alien shock-troops (known as GAZERS), waged a cruel, relentless ground war against the rest.

It all began towards the end of the twenty-ninth century. A war-mongering race of imperialists from a nearby star system set their sights on Earth and slowly began a long campaign to seize her. The aliens called PTOMAINION had been surveying Earth from a distance for nearly a century. Then, after deeming the planet, and her two Jovian mining colonies worthy of a sustained war effort; they used their mastery of tachyonic travel and wormhole technology to bring their objectives to fruition.

It is said that it takes a tragedy to bring a family together; and it took the threat of extermination to pull together the shattered union of Mother Earth and all her wayward children. At the center of it all lay one man; whose deeds, fortunes, and ambitions would spell both the beginning and the end of civilized life on Earth. His name was Paul Carrigan.

Carrigan had managed to build an empire off the suffering and delusions of others. Mainsource Industries, Carrigans brainchild, initially catered to the massive, semi-savage cults of computer worshipping Technomancers that ruled the sterile Wasteland between cities. Their lust of bio-engineered weapons and high-tech machinery to incorporate into their magic rituals; brought Mainsource from a bootleg operation, to a monolith, dominating the industry.

During the first of PTOMAINION sieges, Mainsource used its means to fuel the E.U.s (Earth Union), war machine, in addition to that of Genymade, and Europa (Earth Jovian colonies). Carrigan managed to put out weapons and machines unlike anything ever seen in this corner of the galaxy. The key behind Mainsources innovative leaps; all of the war machinery was secretly being designed and created by Technomancers. So secret the sorcerers engineering, that no one but the upper echelon of the Mainsource hierarchy even knew of the connection. Far be it in The Wasteland. The Technomancers had become so obsessed with their malformed creations that thay had gone as far as to rebuild their twisted god-head around the company. With Carrigan at one end, Mainsource at the other, and the promise of a coming messiah making three.

During the wars, Mainsource turned out thousands of different machines. But their crowning achievement was the Peacekeeper model of War-borg; the last in long line of cyborgs theyd developed and continually improved on. The peacekeeper model however, was special . Unnaturally special. Seamless amalgamations of nanotechnology, flesh, and magic; the Peacekeeper was a marginally sentient, though soul-less and will-less soldier. Carrigan had once publicly likened them to the hives of killer bees from Earths distant past. Vicious, territorial, and supremely protective. The Peacekeepers turned the tide of the PTOMAINION wars to E.U. favor.

On Ganymede, and Europa, Jovian warships refurbished with Mainsource technology and manned by Peacekeepers, pushed the PTOMAINION hordes off the moons and out of Jupiters orbit.

On Earth, Peacekeeper drones immune to PTOMAINION cloaking had efficiently stripped the invaders of the one true advantage they had: the element of surprise. They never bothered trying to push the alien Earth Scorchers, or Gazers back into orbit: instead they simply crushed them in the ground.

Peacekeepers, being only cosmetically organic, had no need for pressure compensation suits like humans or PTOMAINIONS, so on several occasions entire fleets of enemy ships were torn apart by swarms of Peacekeepers in the upper atmosphere.
The war was all but won. A once fractured E.U. had managed to pull itself together to defend not only Earth but also its two colonies 720 million miles away. Every man, woman, and child in the system rejoiced as the end of nearly three decades of war seemed so close at hand, and the taste of liberation lay so near. Then the nightmare began.

One-day Mainsources marginally sentient Peacekeepers went bad. Decades of war had scorched their child like minds, Tachyon radiation from the PTOMAINION warcrafts had altered the intended effects of the magic that had birthed them. Then one night in orbit around Ganymede, a lone Peacekeeper, model: EPSILON-P149925:M, patrolled the perimeter around the captured PTOMAINION Strip fighter, bathing in the tachyon field that, unshielded would destroy even the aliens who devised it. On that night as the would be world conquers hesitantly began to resign to defeat. and the Earth Union began to celebrate an almost certain victory; one lonely Peacekeeper experienced its first independent thought. Twelve minutes later every war-borg in the system experienced the same thought. Within the hour the PK Collective, was awash with violent images. Each one pushing towards the same theme--war, death, survival. Survival. Survival! Survival!

Up until now the prime directive of all Peacekeepers was to repel the PTOMAINION aggressors and ensure the safety of humankind. Something within these machines had turned on something its head. No longer was the survival of humankind a priority; but the survival of Peacekeepers system wide.

Of all the hostilities through the Solar System, they could perceive but one true threat to their continued existence: Technomancers; the Fathers of Peacekeepers. Two hours after these man-made machines began to think for themselves, the entire corps began to converge on Earths Western Hemisphere at speeds approaching light. one thought. One mind. One objective. the annihilation of every technomancer on the planet.

It began with the cry of a child deep within the canyons of the TM Wasteland. She saw the gold streak blaze across the night sky, and heard the thunder before anyone else in her tribe. She would be the only one. The first Peacekeeper approached the surface for touchdown over the large tribe of nomads, and scorched the ground beneath him; a technique the collective had gleamed from the GAZER battalions they had destroyed. Every subsequent touchdown resulted in more or less of the same every minute the entire race of Technomancers pushed closer to the brink of extinction. Ruthlessly slaughtered by their own creations.

At Mainsource, Carrigan fumed. News of the Peacekeepers abandoning their posts had just reached him and his engineers and strategists became the objects of his aggression. The Technomancer engineers on other hand had other things to worry about. Hundreds of telepathic pulses had reached across the wasteland and torn through the minds of the engineers. The day they feared had finally arrived. The Peacekeepers had finally become fully sentient.

On the PTOMAINION homeworld, the stench of ozone burned in the air as dozens of wormholes tore through the fabric of space-time, sending thousands of Strip Fighters careening through inter-dimensional space towards Earth. The PTOMAINIONS had been monitoring the space around Earth and Jupiter to ensure that there would be no follow up attacks in wake of their retreat. When the signs of the PK exodus reached them, they could not explain the reason for it, but they were determined not to allow the advantage to go unseized.

In the Wasteland. Genocide reigned. Peacekeepers slaughtered Technomancers. Technomancers slaughtered Peacekeepers. Magic and technology. Spells and circuitry. Chaos and madness gripped every mind. The mages possessed one advantage that prevented an all out massacre: the power they wielded was tremendous. Having embraced the dark magic of the Crystal Netherrealms centuries earlier, they had managed to corrupt the light. The Peacekeepers born and gifted with the same twisted magic used it with the same intensity. Though being learning computers with self-healing operating systems, they not only learn from their mistakes but also improved on the sorcery they possessed, as well as their own physical designs so they would not make them again. One improvement deemed appropriate by the PK Collective was the assimilation of the Technomancers. With the option of annihilation slowly slipping away, it became more viable to simply absorb their corporeal forms and dominate their weak minds with that of the Collective. This unholy union of flesh and machinery; soul and cyborg marked the end of the Technomancers and Peacekeepers alike. Giving birth to a grotesque, insane, and vaguely human thing with one final objective to be established: the order of no order, CHAOS.

The PTOMAINION sieges had begun anew with ferocity. The fate of E.U. was sealed. When the word reached E.U. headquarters in the U.R.A. (UNITED REPLUBLIC OF AFRICA), that Ganymede had fallen to the hostile forces, evacuations of major cities began. Later on that same dry Tuesday night, with no navy to protect her, Europa fell as well.

Predictably, this world in crisis, and on the verge of destruction looked to Mainsource Industries for help and Carrigan looked to his convert corps of engineers. Furious, he demanded that they rein in the rogue Peacekeepers, and turn out new ones that would be free of the EPISILON malfunctions. Their reply: the Peacekeepers no longer existed. They had grafted their bodies onto that of every Technomancer that they could find. In essence removing any trace of either group in the Wasteland. The thing that rose from the shadow of so much madness was now calling itself ARCANASIA. The last of the Technomancer were reduced to the handful that met with Carrigan seventeen stories below Mainsource Towers. But more Peacekeepers were needed. The planet could not suffer another PTOMAINION siege without them. Defeat would be inevitable. The E.U. knew this, but would never accept it. Carrigan knew it but could not face it. The Technomancers knew it and embraced it. Just as they had embraced the annihilation of there own race. They had been expecting the present cycle of events for several centuries. The PTOMAINION wars only added apocalyptic flare to an already demented mentality. All of this had been prophesied. The coming of an evil entity (though of their own creation), that would seek to wipe out the righteous; the ensuing Holy War; and the advent of a promised Savior, a messiah who would effectively end it all. He would be OMEGA, and would snatch victory from the hands of the wicked infidels and restore power to pious. The Messiah had now arrived. Another creation. Another weapon. Another Peacekeeper. The last malformed thing to crawl out of putrid Technomancer womb; Peacekeeper--OMEGA.

The Messiah. The Promised One. It had been called a thousand names by the Technomancers for a thousand years. Mainsource engineers; after spending hundreds of man-hours attempting to replace it; would call it simply, The Project PK OMEGA Battlesuit.The last Peacekeeper.

The difficulty in mass producing this Peacekeeper or even duplication it just once lay not in the inherent inefficiency of Mainsources official corps of engineers, but in the fact that it was as far from replication as the original Peacekeepers were close to it. It was in fact one of a kind. Nothing like it had ever existed in any dimension, or anti-dimension; any galaxy or any plane of reality in this universe. Just to make this Messiah functional, it cost twelve Master Technomancers every bit of power they possessed. Even the very magic that gave them life.

A worthy sacrifice, they thought. Their pathetic lives were but fodder to this child of god. Wielding a force dominate to that of the father, and destined to destroy him. A destiny that would also entail the resurrection of the Technomancer race. This was the prophecy. And the prophecy fulfillment.

The Peacekeeper was very unlike its predecessor. This was no sentient being in the conventional sense. It was more of a dependent, sentient exoskeleton. The magics it possessed were far greater then earlier models. In fact, it held full control over all three realms of reality, as well as the crystal Nether-realms in-between. The first host to initialize the suit would be forever bonded with it. Though able to disengage at any time, the suit would always be a wormhole anyway. The true scope of the Peacekeepers might not lie with the Battlesuit itself, but with the will of the host. However wicked or righteous he may be.

Within Mainsource Towers there was silence. The cries of a panicking city could not pierce its capertine walls. Nor would they ever seep into the cold heart of a man who, in the process of trying to ensure a safe and prosperous future for hit world as well as himself; was beginning to realize that sadly, neither of the goals would be met. Staring down at the cloaked husks of his Technomancer engineers, then up at the suit of armor they lay prostate before, he realized he had only one option left to him.

Five hundred million miles from Earth, a massive worm hole tore through the curtain of space-time causing intense spatial and gravitational disturbances in all directions, and an enormous vortex gaped its maw before the star system. Out of it strode a PTOMAINION sphere called Minckallanak. Which roughly translates into Warrior Moon. It measured in at slightly smaller than Earths moon and at full capacity could support 3/4 of PTOMAINION navy. Today there were no vacancies.

Paul Carrigan sat calmly at a viewing console watching the arrival of the Minckallanak. His hands slid across the sensors before him, and activated the commlink he had his technomancers to create and install for him years ago. He slipped on a headset that would allow his thoughts to be translated directly into the tongue of his enemies, allowing their replies to reach him unhindered.

"My name is Paul Carrigan. I am a citizen of the planet Earth. The people I think with whom you have been at war with for so long. I am not in control of the forces that oppose you. However, with my help, I can ensure that the prize you seek is delivered to you. That is, if we can come to some kind of agreement."

Moments passed then marbled, gurgling voice echoed through the penthouse office atop Mainsource Towers. "We hear you Paulcarrigannnnn..."

With that, another domino fell in an intergalactic game of conquest. And with it the lives of billions.