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My Diary


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What have i been doing?

2001 a.d.


Planned to fall up into the studio to record "10 Speakers" dis phat as joint i finished writting today, but GuGu and the whole squad was filming a commercial at GiGi's so Toni-o was like " nigga were you been, you need to head out to the shoot right now!" i wanted to cus his ass out but i decided to do the right thang and said" im on my way man!". Spent the whole day filming and was so tired i didnt hit up any clubs i just fell up in the bed.

Im not sure if this is the real date i did this but i hope its close. After a long wait i recorded my first song for my new "Born into Madness" c.d. today, its called" Gotta Problem" some shit i was thinking about when i was in my ride on my way to the house, i hope yall feel me on dis one. Damn im writting like someone is reading this shit, sign my guestbook so i can know who is peepin at me!


Had to meet with Toni-o to record one song, i ended up working on four with him and GuGu! got the track for EROCKALIPSE! its going so hard!


fell up in The Hard Rock Cafe for Redrumms monthly party, hung out with V-Dogg, Uptight, D.O.C., and the whole Rumsquad. The females up in there was hellasious boy!


GuGu called, said i need to come down to the studio tonight to record song with V-dogg for his upcoming c.d., got there about 12:30am worked on song until 5:05am in the mourning,left studio at about 5:30am, i think the song came out tight even though everyone was tired as hell after the session, cant wait to hear the final mix.


Worked on lyrics to one of the songs on my album, my homie dat plays the saxophone who i had called yesterday called and left a message to call him about my project, i think i might do something with him on my intro and outro.