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Artist Bio


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this is lil e. click for larger view!

was born on March 26, in Dallas, Texas and grew up in a middle class area called Oak Cliff. Attended Birdie Alexander Elementrary,D.A.Hulcy Middle School, and graduated from David W. Carter High School.

E-Rock, known as M.C.E-Rock back then was discovered by a local group called 2-Tone(Which consisted of 2 hispanics and 2 african americans and is also what the name represented),they recorded his first singles "The E is Genuine" and "Elliote Ness" for Doorway Studios and Records.This group also contained E-Rocks younger brother J-Money for a short period of time.For creative reasons E-Rock eventually left the group to persue a solo career and shortly after released his first solo project entitled "One the Hard Way" for Serious Records, which was a local hit and recieved at that time an unheard of amount of radio play for a local artist.

E-Rock, J-Money, Tommy Boy, and The Manipulator were the original 2tone. click for larger view!

One the hardway. click for larger view!

Kliffhanger. click for larger view!

He went on to record a second solo project entitled "Kliffhanger" representing Oak Cliff his home town, which was considered another hit project and pushed him to an even more respected level. In less than a year and a half he returned once more with his 3rd solo project entitled "Southern Eclipse: The final chapter." a project that some believed to be his finest and his final work...."

Southern Eclipse. click for larger view!

Stead-E-Rock Records.

Stay tuned for more info from Stead-E-Rock Records in 2001.