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Vear Graphics


New this week!

Click to see the Peacekeeper Prototype Ashcan sneak preview!

Vear Graphics presents a sneak preview of the Peacekeeper Prototype Ashcan.Drawn by creator Erik Reeves and Written by Kevin Steele. Click on the Peacekeeper Logo above to sneak a peak!

Peacekeeper logo designed by Carl Braun of Studio Aries!Click to visit the Peacekeeper site!

The new Peacekeeper logo! Designed by our good friend Carl Braun of Studio Aries!Click logo to visit the Peacekeeper site!

HoodRatz in Space! Click for larger view!

Jackie Cannon has completed the scripts for issue #1 and #2 of the Hood Rats in Space 3 issue mini-series and is pushing along with the Third issue!Click the link below to read our inteview with this fantastic female writer in our exclusive...


Erik Reeves will be at the Bat-con on October 20-21 as well as several famous artists at the PLANO CENTRE (this weekend!). He will be at the Hot Fish Studios table signing and commissioning sketches, come by and say hello or just come and check out the show! For more info visit:

HotFish at HeroRealm.

Check out this new site!

KEVIN STEELE- (Writer and Artist.) Has finished writing the Peacekeeper Prototype Ashcan. For more Peacekeeper info visit
This ashcan will give a glimpse at the unique world of the Peacekeeper and its creator; this is intended to open the door for the well-anticipated first issue and mini series about this mysterious character.

JACKIE CANNON- (Writer) Is working very hard on the upcoming Hoodratz in Space series.
This is a new project that will be making some very big noise in the near future, can everyone say Fantastic Futuristic Females from Fallen Earth.

This is a project Erik Reeves is currently working on with this new California comic company, to learn more about this go to their website:


With the completion of issues #1 and #2 this creative team pushes forward with the second half of this 4-issue mini-series. This book features artwork from Jim Daly and Erik Reeves. Inked by Jaime Mendoza and Edited by Jeff Dickens. Look out for this very hot comic book series coming soon! For more information on this book and its creators go to their website:

Want to see pics of Erik Reeves and other artist, go to this cool site.

Yep! The rumors are true E-rock is working on his new album currently titled Born into Madness for more updates visit...

Erik Reeves is working on a comic book for Redrumm Recordz.

Erik is working on Ray'viin a comic book for Redrumm Records. Click for larger view!

San Diego trip! coming soon.

Erik in San Diego at theTop Cow booth.