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Vear Graphics


New this week!

Click on the Peacekeeper logo below for a sneak preview of the Peacekeeper Protoype Ashcan in production now!

 Peacekeeper logo designed by Carl Braun of Studio Aries!

Prototype Ashcan #1

For nearly three decades interstellar war has ravaged a small green planet called Earth. Now the fate of a species rests in the hands of one man. Nathan Spiers: bearer of the last Peacekeeper.

The comic, the website, the experience...all coming soon!

Written by: Kevin Steeele
Art by: Erik Reeves

Peacekeeper is copyright of Vear Graphics 2001.

Check out the upcoming Moon Rush series!

Erik Reeves' work on the upcoming MOONRUSH series!

Erik Reeves is constantly working on this highly anticipated series and is currently working on issue #3. Click on the above image to visit the new exclusive KOMIKWERKS 2001 MOONRUSH interview and preview!


Hoodratz in Space! Copyright of Vear Graphics2001.Click to visit site!

Click to visit the HoodRatz in Space site!

Four young girls who dream of becoming the
next hottest female vocal group find they must
now save Earth from a deadly enemy from space. An
enemy controlled by a single nexus located somewhere
deep in space. Are these new heroines up to the
challenge? Can they save Earth from becoming a
derelict planet? With only raw skill, musical talent
and dynamite looks--not
to mention sheer luck--these girls will face
unimaginable adversities. And once they reach the
nexus, true terror begins.

Written by: Jackie Cannon
Art by: Erik Reeves

New this week!

Read our exclusive interview with the fantastic female writer of the HoodRatz in Space series, just click the link below to our brand new


Hood Ratz in Space is copyright of Vear Graphics 2001.

Stay Tuned for More!