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Illustrated by

Erik Reeves.

This is a pin-up of the one-shot i just finished based on the Moonrush saga i co-created with Jim Daily, Jeff Dickens and Jaime Mendoza. Synopsis After returning from a reconnaissance mission to an exotic planet unwilling to join the ever growing Tullosar Alliance the few remaining crew members return in a ghostly exorcised state that educes there evil sides and proves to be very fatal. Aboard the Tullosar starship: Evening Star, a small elite enforcement crew that moves ahead of the main forces of the Tullosar army code named: Vanguard, is set out on and expedition to explore this planet and find and explanation for what caused such an effect on the previous crew, only to discover that this planet is run by the Ban-chi an evil race of war witches led by a powerful enchantress who will bow down to no one. After sending word that this was a hostile planet the elite force finds themselves locked in a battle for there own survival while awaiting the full arrival of the Tullosar army, only to find that they are expendable. Experience the love, the pain and the honor of MOONRUSH: VANGUARD WRITTEN, ILLUSTRATED AND CREATED BY ERIK REEVES. MOONRUSH IS COPYRIGHT, 2004-06 BAD HABITS PRODUCTIONS!