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Moon Rush: Creator/ Pencils (Ghorn)
Jims pencil and ink work can be found in books like: What If? Starring the X-Men, X-Men Chillers, Doom 2099, and issues 15-25 of Ghost Rider 2099 where he served as a finishing artist and inker for Ashley Wood. Jims work can also be spotted in comics from Dark Horse, Image, Caliber, Rebel Studios, and London Night Studios among others. Aside from the realm of comics, Jim has provided concept design for the award winning Eidos Interactive PC Game Deus Ex, as well as the eagerly anticipated Anachronox. Other game titles he worked on are: Daikatana, Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 64, Spiderman 64, Monster Truck Madness 64, Mattels: Max Steel and an upcoming X-Men RPG title for Playstation 2. Jim has also done toy design for Hasbro-Kenner: Transformers: Beast Wars and Gi-Joe, and he has done numerous illustrations for White Wolf Games. He is currently working on designs for an upcoming X-Box Game and Moon Rush.