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Moon Rush: Creator/Writer/Inks
Jaime has done almost too many comics to list, but we'll try: Batman, Superman, Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, X-men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Wolverine, Beast: mini-series, Heroes for Hire, Flash, Legion of Superheroes, X-factor, Cable, Alpha Flight, Worlds of Tomorrow, Fantastic Four 2099, Young Justice, Spawn, The Darkness, and a good fifty or so books while he was working at Extreme Studios. Jaime has also provided his special brand of embellishment on numerous covers including his most recent inking of Mike Wieringo on the cover of Adventures of Superman. Jaime is currently inking the Legion Worlds 30 page Giant, pencilled by Duncan Roulaue, as well as writing and inking the Moon Rush series.